Monday, February 2, 2009

The Good We Are Doing Here

Iraq most people think it’s pointless, or nonessential to be here. I want to disagree with those statements, even though the people who make them are entitled to their opinions because they have the freedom of speech and opinion. For those who think we do no good here, and want to bash the accomplishments of the fallen, I want you to realize how much good we are doing in protecting freedom for everyone around the world not just us.

During my short time in Iraq, I have noticed so many changes here compared to the start of the war. During the start of the War children had no schools, families had no jobs, and there wasn’t any kind of government established. Now in 2009 and the extended time America has been here, I have witnessed children receiving education, Iraqi’s getting jobs to support their families, and government trying to unfold.

I have really enjoyed my time here, actually getting the chance to say I played my part to help a suffering nation start from nothing and help them establish a new beginning and give them hope just like America. I honestly think someday we should pull out, but not anytime soon. If we pulled out now all that we have worked so hard for would crumble. America really doesn’t realize how much good and potential there is here, because of all that has been reported on television. It seems as if the only thing the media knows how to post are things of bad nature. Don’t get me wrong it is tough being here and away from our families. Even though, I would rather stay and know I played my part in history, and to help other nations start a new beginning rather than doing nothing at all. Isn’t that what Americans should do is help one another? That help shouldn’t have to stop just in America.

Americans should always remember we started from nothing in the beginning. We had to establish our freedom and government. Now it’s our turn to return the favor to suffering people of the world.

Spc. Ryan A. Wetherington is an aviation operations specialist, who has been in the N.C. Army National Guard for three years. The Cove City native is a math tutor at Craven Community College. He currently attends Embry Riddle online and is studying professional aeronautics. Upon returning to the states, Wetherington intends on going to Liberty University and double majoring in the commercial airline flight program and electrical engineering

Spc. Wetherington sits in Saddam's chair at Al Faw Palace. The majority of 449 Theater Aviation Brigade Soldiers have been fortunate to visit some of Saddam's palaces and have learned more about Iraq's history and culture.

Spc Wetherington and recently promoted Spc. Jeremy Stancil pose for a quick photo in Iraq. The North Carolina Army National Guard Soldiers continue to bond through the deployment experience.


  1. i am so thrilled everytime i read something like this. i get so frustrated when all people want to do is bash the war and backtracking years and questioning that decision. the decision was made and we are fulfilling our promise and clearly doing some good. i am not sure through all the negativity how you guys keep a positive attitude over there, but keep it up. i supported the decision to go to war at the time based on what we knew THEN and support our efforts now. thank you for your service...i don't feel as if you guys get enough praise...instead people want to jump on the negative bus which solves NOTHING. we can either support them and fulfill our role there or we can be against it vocally and it still not change. why not support it? please keep does my heart good to know you guys can look above all the bad because the good definitely out weighs it. i mean i am against obama and did not vote for him...but he is our president now and i will do all i can to show some support because it is what it is now.

  2. Spc,

    I could not agree more. Reading this post reminded me of the emails I had sent home in 2006 - 2007. From my time in Baghdad, Mosul and Tal Afar I know what a great job you guys are doing.

    Keep up the great work and remember we still support you.

  3. You guys are doing a great job in a very difficult situation. However, I would expect nothing less from an American soldier. I am very proud of all of you. I pray you are home soon.

  4. My name is Steven Wetherington. I was a speclialist in the 805th MP Company during Desert Storm. So I have been to Iraq. I supported what we did then. However, with that being said, I still believe we entered Iraq this time under completely false pretenses. I didn't support George W Bush's decission to invade Iraq in 2002 and I still don't. It had nothing to do with 9/11 and it still doesn't. There were no WMD's. It is time we stopped wasting billions in tax payer's money and getting our boys killed for a BIG FAT LIE!

  5. This is from a mom who has a son in the 449th and I want to say thank you to each and every one. I am so proud of you and all that you sacrifice so we here in the US can have freedom. We tend to forget the blessings we have. Keep up the good work and if any of you see Capt James R. Ash tell him his mom sends love and hugs. Tell Neal Purvis to do that special job I assigned. Thanks.

  6. Great attitude and enthusiasm. Your service means a lot and we are proud of servicemembers such as yourself. All the best!

  7. Hey SPC Wetherington - Tell SSG DiTonno his family misses him! Glad that he is serving with you & hope you all come home safe. Ya'll are doing a good thing...

  8. Thank you for that blog! My husband and best friend were Marines, and my brother is in the Air Force. You never hear, "In today’s news, an Iraqi village built its first school thanks to the men and women in our military who freed them from Al Qaida occupation" Nope, you don't ever hear that! Because that would mean the public might see that we made the right decision, or that it isn’t “all firefight all the time”! There are amazing things happening all the time over there thanks to you, and to those who have fallen. Sometimes I think you have to have some kind of direct tie to the military in order to really appreciate that fact.
    All you guys need to know and focus on is there are a lot of people here who put you on a pedestal! You make us all proud! And you definitely have at least one girl stateside who loves you and respects what you’re doing! ;)
    Keep your eyes open and your head down guys...

  9. I asked my father 22 years ago what would become of America's military. I was afraid that he was a dieing breed. He told me DON"T WORRY They will always be the best and ready to defend. He passed away on April 21st 1988 due to agent orange. He was my hero. You are my heroes and II know what my father told me was true because of you! Thank-you troops! Sincerely,Patricia ARMY BRAT born at Fort Brag,nc